Improve his putting with Putting-Target : Perform putting training aid.

Improve posture, Aiming on putting. New patented golf accessory


 Improve putting with Putting-Target. Golf accessory very easy to use. It will allow you to better putter.

  • It will allow you to align yourself correctly.

  • You’ll get your eyes and your body in good position.

  • Quick and easy installation allows you to practice often.

Improve his putting. Become more efficient with your putter

At first, the putting is the easiest golf shot. Seen by beginners, because in fact it is often the key to success. The putting accounts for nearly 50% of golf shots.

Often misses the putt because it is not aim properly.
Several educational tools tried to solve this problem: Rope tense, Rule laid on ground ……

You must install the system and repeat the operation as soon as the drive hole is changed.
It is very restrictive and does not encourage work aligning with several holes.

 putting training aid. Mieux putter avec putting-target

    How improve his putting ? Putting-Target will allow you to switch targets and vary the positions very quickly. Your training become more efficient and more fun.

For more informations on this golf training aid accessory, to help you improve your putting, visit How it Works


To improve his putting, it is important to have simple golf educational training. The Putting-Target installs quickly and easily. It allows regular training. You can use it only a few minutes during your training.

Watch the video: that shows you how to use the Putting-Target. It is set in 2 steps: clipped, adjust and that’s it. Now, you can prepare yourself to improve your putting, better putter to finally break the 30 putts bar.


The putter is distinguished from other clubs by providing the most closed loft (about 4 ° aperture) and a relatively short shaft. The putter can also be used when your ball is located very close to the green area.
You must realize that putting accounts for nearly 50% of the overall game. This statistic shows us the countless hours spent in training. A very low score is synonymous with a good putting game.
Remember this phrase spoken by a large number of American players, “Driver is Show, Putting is money”
Amateur players often forget the importance of the small game and instead emphasize training on the driving range with long shots. However once on the green, players tend not to know the putter properly play and lose a lot of points.
You should not overlook this game area which is the key to improve your index. It is important to realize that half the moves are in the green zone. It is important  to improve his putting, putt better to lower its index score  when you made a competition or friendly games.

Improve his putting. Get better, become more efficient  with using this perform golf training aid accessory.